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My very first trip to the library is a hazy memory. I don’t recall much, other than being immensely impressed by what was the biggest collection of books I had ever seen, and of course, the overwhelming pleasure of being told I could pick out any book I wanted to take home with me. Incidentally, the book I chose was this one:


I can’t say that a life long love of the Star Wars franchise grew out of this experience, but I am confident that this is when my love of libraries began. It shouldn’t be underestimated what an impact offering this amount of choice and self determination can have on a 4 year old’s psyche. As the youngest of 4 children, I often didn’t have a say when it came to choosing the T.V. programs or movies my family watched, but here in the library, I was free to make my own choices…and the possibilities seemed endless!

Now, 25 years later, and still infatuated with libraries, I’ve decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Library and Information studies, forever wedding myself to one of my earliest and truest loves.

This blog will chronicle my journey through library school, and allow me to share with you my experiences, insights and love of all things library!



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2 responses to “Page one…

  1. The environments we grew up in were so different… I always love peering into your mind! Keep it up, and best of luck with your Master’s.

  2. Tara middleton

    Wow Holly that’s great! Good luck with your grad studies. I look forward to reading all about it 🙂

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