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So it’s been about a week since I’ve started school, and I can honestly say my enthusiasm hasn’t abated at all. The class is quite small (9 people all together), but this lends itself well to some very good conversations and a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom. I have classmates from Qatar, Egypt, India and Palestine, and each one brings a unique perspective to our discussions. They come from career backgrounds as diverse as engineering and finance, and some have been working in libraries for more than a decade. Most importantly though, is that they are all extremely nice people…friendly, supportive and just as crazy about libraries as I am! Our professor’s name is Dr. Frederick Nesta, an American who has worked in libraries all over the world. He supplements the information in his lectures with an abundance of interesting stories that come from a lifetime of experience.


My UCL hoodie

The program consists of 6 compulsory modules :

  • Cataloguing and classification 1
  • Collection management and preservation
  • Information sources and retrieval
  • Introduction to management
  • Principles of computing and information technology
  • Professional awareness

There are also 2 optional modules, which could be any of these courses:

  • Cataloguing and classification 2
  • Creation and capture of archival records
  • Database systems analysis and design
  • Digital resources in the humanities
  • Electronic publishing
  • Historical bibliography
  • Manuscript studies
  • Publishing Today
  • Services to children and young people
  • Web publishing
  • Advanced Preservation

I’m hoping to do Cataloguing and Classification 2 (as my goal is to eventually be a technical services librarian) and Historical Bibliography, which will deal with the history of the book as a physical object (a must for any bibliophile). The program culminates with a 12,000 to 15,000 word dissertation on a topic of our choice.

This semester we are doing 3 modules: Cataloguing & Classification 1, Computing & IT, and Introduction to Management, and the classes are Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays, with a practical application class on Thursdays. I’ll have every Tuesday off, but I bet you can guess where I’ll be…the library of course!


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